Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Match for Illustration Friday 

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOkay, I apologise for going all "found object" and Sophie Calle for Illustration Friday this week, but for the theme, this is what occurred to me. I have real reservations about posting this - sorry about personal content (something I pretty much avoid on the Blog).

When I was young I travelled on this ship, the (original) Oriana. That trip was probably the last gasp of my father being in reasonable health, and my sister and I being young enough to actually go on a trip with our parents. In any case, it was a formative time in a lot of ways.

I met a girl on the ship, and we got along really well, so we wrote messages for each other in matchbooks (you know, to burn and remember) when it came time to go home. She was from Sydney and I was from Melbourne, and I think I really fell in love for the first time.

Anyway, this girl and I became long-term correspondents and soon I made the trip up to Sydney to see her. In spite of how well we got along, our worlds couldn't have been more different! I think for the first time I realized that there was a real financial class divide in Australia, and I was, uh, quite a long way down it. No blame on her, or her family, who were lovely people, but I was struck with there being no way for us to ever make the distance. We do still write to each other occasionally - both now long married and living the kinds of wildly divergent lives I'd always imagined we would. Maybe I'll do a comic about this some day :).

And the Oriana? She managed to avoid immediately becoming razor-blades and was for a long time refitted as a floating leisure centre in Japan, but sadly now, following storm damage in 2004, she has finally met her end in a scrapyard.

(If I've done it right, the above picture should give the uneasy illusion of tilting while you read my post)


Despite the loss of romance, that was a lovely story and I'm glad you've remained friends. :0)
nice story and that u've been able to stay friends is even better. and ur visual effect i think does wht u wanted to nice work
Great story Ian. :)
Ian, that's such a wonderful story - classic, really - and I'd love to see you do a graphic version of it. I think it's great that you've saved the matchbook. When I moved to the country to consolidate households with my BF, I got rid of so many old mementos like that. I did spend a day just reading through things and taking many trips down the proverbial memory lane...but then I just put it all in a big trash bag...and went off to start a new life. I think it's wonderful that you've kept in touch with each other. Despite your very different lives, you two made a connection, and that's really very cool!
aww, that is lovely. You big romantic, you.

I fancy a cruise but the best I could afford would be a couple of nights on the big orange EasyCruise. It would be worth it to meet a fellow passenger as sweet as you though x
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