Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Moth & Tanuki in colour! 

Here's a coloured version of the first page of Moth & Tanuki, Part 3, which I'm submitting to Operation Funnybone, a proposed cartoonists/comics artists charity compilation for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Moth & Tanuki appear to be my most popular current characters. They're a lot of fun, so it's not hard to see why, I suppose. What's funny is that I had the script for the first episode for a while and wasn't going to pursue it, but Jill really pushed me to (that first episode appeared in Oztaku #2). The characters have been with me in one form for a very long time, but it was when I decided that it should be manga that it all came alive. Moth got big-eyed and Tanuki was transformed (his predecessor some twenty years ago was an armadillo).

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