Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trouble for Illustration Friday 

The first thing that popped into my head for this Illustration Friday topic was to draw one of our iconic Australian mischief making kids, such as Ginger Meggs or Blinky Bill the koala. I'd been meaning to get to this all week, but finally sat down tonight and sketched this (very quickly). This is Ginger Meggs in the traditional Bancks look - Ginger accompanied by Tony, the monkey, and Mike, the dog.

Last week I picked up a book as a library discard - The Golden Years of Ginger Meggs, 1921-1952 - a huge tome that gathers together many of Bancks full-page strips. Full page funnies are of particular interest to me at present and Bancks mastery of this form is quite amazing.

Ginger Meggs is still going strong, currently (and continuously since 1984) drawn by top Australian cartoonist James Kemsley - see the Ginger Meggs site, for current strips, history, etc. The Kemsley Ginger Meggs books, which telling traditional Meggs tales in prose and picture format, are also highly recommended!


Wow! That is So cool and retro! Love your style!! Good work!
A great likeness. He's an Australian icon.

kitchen hand
ahhh! i love that book. i was given it when i was a little kid and know every word by heart. the humour has dated really well, i reckon. most of it is still LOL funny.
i like how you made him bigger than the other two. it would be nice to get to know ginger. thanks for sharing
This reminds me a bit of a combination of the cartoon work of the man who did Astorix or Tin Tin, with a little of the old Orphan Annie cartoons around the eyes. Very cool!
Thanks, all!

Dillon, I found myself LOLing at many of these, particularly the ones with pathos (like the ones about his parents).

Aravis, nice pick on the zeros for eyes look - the beginning of Ginger Meggs dates from the same kind of period as Orphan Annie.
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