Sunday, April 24, 2005

Party games 

Well, J's birthday party today was our best effort yet, and a real success! I think I'll put up a page on my website in the near future with suggested party games and activities for different age groups, because we've learnt so much over the years about what works (and what doesn't), and have improvised a lot, often adapting other games or even creating our own.

Today we did the usual decorating crowns, pass-the-parcel, (many, many layers, and lots of unusual trinkets) and pin-the-tail (rabbit this time). The big hits were a balloon passing and popping game, which involved splitting the kids into two teams (that was a riot!). making bead bracelets, and the purple shark Pinata, which took quite a bashing and had bubble bottles as well as lollies in it. I also reused last year's fishing in a bucket game, which they still really enjoyed and we did musical statues for a closer. Phew!

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