Monday, March 27, 2006

Monster for Illustration Friday 

This isn't a generic three-eyed monster. It's a cartoony portrayal of my impression of an Ezwal, from AE Van Vogt's scifi novel, The War Against the Rull. I originally read the first part of this book in a compilation of stories from Astounding science-fiction magazine (where Jamieson, the human hero is stranded with an ezwal on a strange planet). The compiled book collects together five parts, but I prefer the original ending to the first part, where the Ezwal gets the last line.

I made a big cardboard Ezwal (and lots of other stuff) for a public Library display many years ago. That one was a lot more figured out, with six legs that were an anatomical compromise between front and back legs, etc. This one is an extreme quickie - about 5 minutes to draw, then very quick Photoshop with loads of mistakes (I'm working on a RNRFs episode and took a break to do this). I wasn't going to post it, but oh well...

Originally, for this subject I thought about drawing some traditional big beast that preys on people, along with a commentary about David Quammen's fascinating book, The Monster of God. The book deals with the few remaining big predators and how they barely manage to survive, in perilous co-existence with humanity.

In either case the "Monster" is a large scary beast, but only monstrous by perception.

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this is a cool illo - love the fangs!
This is a great rendering of a really scary looking beast! Looks great to me Ian! Sorry I've missed out on commenting on your stuff over the last couple of weeks - I enjoy your posts thoroughly!
i love its color not the usual green we see....and those fangs are great ian!

i hope you still have plan to post that commentary about Monster of God.
Thanks all! Isay, I've been planning to do a proper post about that book for a while (in combination with a few other things about animals eating people). I've got so many ideas for blog essays...
Hey dude! So glad you posted.

Cookie Monster goes bad ; )

The Tart
That's a V COOL 3 eyes monster!! I love his scalely skin!
i like the highlights... he looks cute to me ;oP
Very cool. I love the eyes and the fangs.
Guess what, Ian? I heeded your advice!!! What can you say to my colored monster version?
DFarn good for a quick job...it looks quite polished, actually! I love the sharpness of the teeth and the claws and the confusion the three eyes evoke. I can imahine that your cardboard version must have been fabulous! I am always impressed by your sources...I oftendon't know what they are, so I'm interested when you give the backgraound and explain.
I want one! Though I suspect my dog and cats would have a very different opinion on the matter. *G* Great illustration, Ian! :0)
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