Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Trigan Empire collected editions! 

One of my all-time favourite comics, The Trigan Empire (which originally appeared in the British children's magazine Look & Learn) is now being made available - all the Don Lawrence illustrated years - in a beautifully presented Collector's Edition, from original artwork or production slides. Unfortunately, it's completely unaffordable for me, and all the other TE fans that I know of.

See: The Trigan Empire, or for more details (in case you might be able to get a second mortgage and buy them) see: Don Lawrence Trigan Empire Collection. Production-wise, these books look like an object lesson in how these kinds of collections should be done - it's a pity they're so out of reach to so many fans!

I justify buying apparently expensive books by thinking about how many times people fill up their petrol tanks - $50, $60, $70 two or three times a week, all up in smoke.

Buy the books! Your kids will love you for it. I find that kids treasure books more than anything, especially unusual ones. (Unusual in that not everyone has them.)
The books, I mean.
We do our best to keep our house full of unusual books, but the price on these is truly out of reach for us, particularly at this point in time. Maybe they'll do a cheapie edition at some point... though I doubt it.
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