Friday, June 09, 2006

The Secret Life of Swans 

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Three panel extract from Mating for Life

Last night, I read an article which confirms our observations about the sex lives of swans, which I drew as a comic page in Tango #6 last year. That piece, Mating for Life, was based on our anecdotal observations of behaviour among swan families on Lake Mulwala, Bundalong.

A team of researchers from Melbourne University, headed by Dr Raoul Mulder and Prof Mark Elgar are studying the behaviour and DNA of black swans on Albert Park Lake, with recent results revealing them to be "feathered philanderers." The article, Swan lake love-hearts, appeared in yesterday's Herald Sun.

On a sidenote, I'm not normally a Herald Sun reader, but we were eating out, having fast food... which I also don't normally eat, on the way to a concert at the alternative school our children go to, er, maybe I'll leave it there :). Anyway, the concert was wonderful, and J was still happily playing her blue violin in the car as we drove home.

OzComic 24 Hour Challenge
The OzComic 24 Hour Challenge is on this weekend. As usual, I won't be entering because I'm too old/busy/exhausted (and can't access Pulp Faction a lot of the time), but it's a great event and produces loads of wonderful comics. Quite a few past entries appeared in the Operation Funnybone book this year. If you're in Australia and have thought about making a comic, this weekend could be a good time to start!

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Those are lovely swan illustrations, Ian. Very realistic in their poses.
Thanks, Aravis, I wasn't sure how far to push it in a cartoony direction, given that it was based on natural observation. There's a slight touch of stylisation in part of the story, but I tried to keep them looking like real swans as much as possible, and they really do this strange stuff!
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