Friday, July 01, 2005

Heroes (more-or-less) 

I did plan to do a proper Heroes sketch for Illustration Friday but it was not to be...

I had a few ideas, which gradually got more and more esoteric:

- The first was to draw my old friend, Maelstrom teamed up with Fawn, the female hero of Talnon's The Deerflame Legacy. It's a picture I'd like to do at some point!

- I thought about doing something based on the lyrics to David Bowie's Heroes involving a kind of romance and water and dolphins...

- A story I read about giant African rats helping to sniff out landmines also appealed as something to illustrate

- Finally, I settled on just drawing all the commuters standing in the cold waiting for an early train (everday heroism, I think). I tried to be organised to sketch this a few mornings, but stuff kept happening - I ran late, or where I wanted to sit was wet, or someone got there a second ahead of me and put a bag there. I still think this would make a great picture and a powerful image, particularly the Station I chose, drawn or painted on a foggy morning.

P.S. After "Anonymous" replied to the original pictureless post above, I decided I'd add a scan of part of an old Maelstrom cover painting (painted around 1981) here and send the link to IF - at least that way I'll have a place for if I ever do that last picture. I did want at least one woman in my picture for this topic, but oh well. Hope posting something old is okay...

Hhehee, it is the thought that counts!

Still working my way through your links, already know this post would still make the grade for 'illustraion' of Heroes. Post it and find out if you don't believe me :)
This may not be what you had planned, but I have to tell you that I love it. I'm glad you decided to submit it!

And others submit older work all the time, including several this week, so you are not alone. :0)
anon and aravis are both right...we just like to see a great pic, doesn't matter where from or how old (or like me, whatever convoluted reason i did it!) we like your stuff, so show us anything and everything!
Seeeeeeee, told you so :)
Thanks Aravis, Kerry and Anonymous, I appreciate it! Honestly, I'm a bit amazed at how young I was when I painted that particular panel (it was part of a triptych-type picture for a back cover - the story was in three parts too).

I'm glad it's okay to raid the attic for stuff when I can't get it together!
Old to you is new to everyone else, I guess. That's my philosophy, anyway, as I used an "old" illustration this week, too.

PS I like Lemon Jelly (the band), too.
Hi Ian, I'm really glad you posted the pic and all the info. I jumped to the web site and had a wonderful time looking at all of it. Love the pic, and all of your work!, Best Regards, Jacque
Fern Lady, those Lemon Jelly albums have some of the nicest artwork I've ever seen on CDs - the cardboard sleeve ones in particular, though I was disappointed about how the balloon on Lost Horizons comes off with the shrink-wrap :).
I love unicorns!
Thanks for you comment about my last IF submission.
Lately I've been illustrating the WORD OF THE DAY.
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