Sunday, January 01, 2006

Flavour for Illustration Friday 

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This frame from an upcoming comic story, featuring Moth & Tanuki, seemed somehow appropriate for this week's Illustration Friday topic.

We're currently trying out some ideas and recipes from The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and this isn't in there :). Apparently, everyone else is also trying this diet right now, as the row for Tandoori paste in the Supermarket was completely empty.

This topic didn't do much for me. Overall, I'm pretty fed up with the glut of affluent cooking shows and books, and the amount of time, money and attention devoted to attempting to cook and eat every living thing on the planet (think Tim Flannery's The Future Eaters, which is pretty relevant right now).

Healthy eating is definitely of interest, though I'm not making any resolutions about being strict about it.


Great comic image Ian! I really liked the your strips in the O.F book. Where will you be putting out these new comics, do you self publish? I've also made the decision to republish my comic in O.F, but I'll be adding a couple more pages to get it right ;)
I like the colored version of Moth & Tanuki but i like it more in the original version were the line strokes and details are finely done.

you made me smile with what you have said "Apparently, everyone else is also trying this diet right now, as the row for Tandoori paste in the Supermarket was completely empty".

we are done with diet foods and just create our own depending on the availability of the ingredients we have on the ref....

like you, we don't make resolutions regarding it.

have a nice day!
This is great ... Manboy gets to see a glimpse of unpublished Moth & Tanuki! I used to grow ALL own food and only had to buy toiletries. Still feeding the family with as raw food as possible but don't believe most fruit and vege is all that natural any more. Have a healthy New Year!
this is funny and fun! great graphic look and good idea for flavour!!!
I love it ian I am manboy I have season 1 of OzTaku and i love moth &tanuki its realllllllllllllllly funny thankyou for telling me about it :)
This is great, Ian! I'm glad you posted this week. I also wasn't too turned on by the topic...some of them just don't entice my imagination. Anyway, you have a good one here. Happy New Year:>
Very fun...I love all the food that you featured! Cute little furry guy.

Would like to hear more about the glut food issue...you must watch food TV?

Happy New Year...luv your blog!
Thanks, all!

Anthony, the stuff in Operation Funnybone was a scattershot assortment of different work, some previously published (and re-edited or coloured) and some done especially. I don't have any immediate plans to publish anything myself.

Isay, thanks! I kind of agree - my personal favourite version of the Moth & Tanuki artwork is in pure black and white with dotty screentones (not even proper greys), like an old newspaper comic.

Manboy, Moth & Tanuki are planning to get into plenty of trouble in future adventures - lots of it should be funny, but some of it will get a little serious as well...
COOOL drawing!
I cant wait for a thriller M&T comic like a comic when tanuki or moth are killed and then another hero is born :P oops my imagination took over
have you been peering in the window at my son's eating habits? LOL! Mary :-)
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