Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Hero for Illustration Friday 

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Here's a couple of frames of Moth & Tanuki, from the next issue of OzTaku. While it's a pity to ruin a good gag by showing this here, it's so appropriate to this week's Illustration Friday theme I couldn't let it pass.

Why "Super Hero" for rather than plain old "superhero"? That'd be because the two giant U.S. comic companies, Marvel and DC have jointly trademarked the word - Superhero Trademark FAQ.

My Blog seems to be all Moth & Tanuki lately - there'll be some more coloured samples from Mania soon...


Wow, spectacular work!
He's so cute! *G*
ta daaa! he's adorable!

thanks for the info....
great looking tanuki and drawing
lol on the trademark. Never underestimate the power of corporate BS. Reminds me of how the BBC bought the design for Police Boxes from the British Police so no one could make TARDIS knockoffs. (Dr. Who reference, if you don't know.)
Tanuki's adorable, and I never knew on the copyright thing. So nuts.

Ali -http://seian.livejournal.com/135774.html
Moth and Tanuki Rule!
That's very interesting about the Super Hero vs. superhero... I never would have known that bit of esoteric comic land info! I love your Moth and Tanuki work... Tanuki is so incredibly adorable and lovable. Thanks for sharing this little glimpse:>
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