Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phobia for Illustration Friday 

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This is a couple of panels from the piece I'm currently working on. No, I don't have a phobia about trees (I love them!), but somehow the paranoid mood of this seemed to suit the Illustration Friday topic of "Phobia."


lovely tree!
Yes, and the moon behind it makes a great touch of scariness.

Ian (the other one)
nice drawing. tiene una buena expresión que captura el miedo.
UUUmmm, beautiful artwork and yes, the little boy looks fearful of something, and the tree has a wintery stark look about it. Very nice!
nice illo!
Sometimes trees at night when the wind blows hard could be scary....
Nice selection...those panels do present a scene of some kind of fear.
thanks for the feedback on my illo!

nice to see another melbournian! yay!
Awesome inking!
Great job! You have captured the feeling exactly!
i like his expression!
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