Monday, December 18, 2006

Recent bird album covers 

This has been growing for a while. I decided to split the usual roundup of current/recent album covers using animals as iconic images, by putting birds into their own category. Actually, there turned out to be so many that they're not all here, so at least one might appear in the next lot. It's been a good year for birds in music, kicking off with Kate Bush's Aerial, featuring a clever soundscape as landscape cover, built out of a blackbird's song.

My usual principle for selecting these images is that the animal/bird has to be the featured icon, not just a minor accessory to a picture of the artist. I decided to relax that a bit this time, so the last three do include people (one even the artist herself).

(Click on pic for closeup - list and short reviews below)

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Top row
  • Patricia Barber - Mythologies - jazz at the frontier, an inspired song cycle based on Ovid
  • The Morning Birds - Lay - Melbourne trio, trip-hop, blues-roots featuring guitars and cello
  • Lisa Germano - In the Maybe World - Musings on death from powerful singer/musician
  • Bert Jansch - The Black Swan - timeless wistful acoustic magic from Scottish folk-singer

  • 2nd Row
  • The Melvins - Houdini Live: a Live History of Gluttony and Lust - 12 years of Washington sludge remade live in studio with guests
  • Erase Errata - Nightlife - A timely best yet from regrouped indie rock band of female musicians
  • Andrew Morris - Valleys - second country/folk/rock album from Brisbane singer/songwriter
  • The Red Eyes - Rudeworld - New album from huge 11-piece Australian dub reggae group

  • 3rd Row
  • LABJACD - Vote With Your Feet - Melbourne 9 piece with big sounding hiphop/salsa/jazz
  • The Watson Twins - Southern Manners - acoustic rock featuring dreamy melodic harmonies from twin sisters
  • Because of Ghosts - The Tomorrow We Were Promised Yesterday - evocative moody debut from Melbourne instrumental trio of brothers
  • Joanna Newson - Ys- 5 songs, 55 minutes, a lush, ambitious journey
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