Monday, March 02, 2009

Strange weather 

The weather is seriously weird. The last week or so it has seemed like conditions were right for it to rain, but it never does anymore. I'm sick of the smell of smoke and the constant threats of high fire danger, not to mention the eerie yellow days, that are like something out of Life on Mars. Rather than continue trying to describe the dryness and the mood, here are a few photos from February (click for larger pics).

Fitz at Seville 9.36am 7th February 2009 by Ian T

The day of the fires J and L went riding early - all lessons had moved, but it was still a hard day for the horses, even before it hit 46.4 Celsius. I don't think Fitz was ridden that day (he's fairly old).

Sky at home 8.28pm 8th February 2009 by LT

Taken by L the night after the fires - everything remained yellow for days, but the evening light was particularly strange. This is taken at our place - you can see why we're worried by the current fire danger.

Sun on the road to Lilydale 14th February 2009 by Ian T

I pulled off the road early in the morning to take this, as the Sun was bright red.

Seville 7.39am 14th February 2009 by Ian T

Here it is a little later, out towards Warburton.

Don't get me started on the long-established industry that is climate change denial!

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I hope that all remains well, and that you get much needed rain soon!
Thanks, Aravis. Yesterday we were home amid the gusting wind and extreme weather warnings. The place felt like a ghosttown, as so many people had left, at least for the day. Amazingly, of all things, it rained late in the day!
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