Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Neighbour for Illustration Friday 

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"You're never more than ten feet away from a rat."

(Actually, that's probably an urban myth, though it is true a lot of the time.)

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Lovely thought! Great illustration!
Eeek! I hope that is a myth. Excellent illustration, and an unusual concept for the "neighbor" theme!
We were just congratulating ourselves for having gotten rid of feral cats when a mouse ran across the floor. Freaky but true and not really surprising.
Kitchen Hand, we've had a similar experience. When the feral cat (which I've never managed to catch, but it looks like a miniature yellow tiger) is around, we have less birds, but no rats. When it disappears (sometimes for a year at a time), the black rats start trying to resettle. The perils of living in the bush - lots of cats and rats in this neighbourhood.
great take of the topic! actually, neat illustration, too!--the line strokes in the background was so effective it gave emphasis on the characters. and you made me like the rats in your illustration!
Ha! I love it, very funny.
great! I do believe the story with rats - at least in big cities.
the rats could also be symbolic for neighbors. lol
That is such a scary thought! Although the rats in your drawing look proper and adorable that they might even turn out to be charming neighbors. This is a great interpretation of the theme and a wonderful illustration.
seems to me they look more at home in the house then thr guy does onother great ink drawing
Not so bad if the rats are this civilized. I hope that shower has proper drainage. :)

Great drawing!
Reminds me a lot of where I live these days. Just two nights ago a mouse was trying to set up shop in my room. Not cool. :)

Your line work and shading is superb. Excellent illustration!
love the line work.
Nice black and white drawing Ian! I had to take down all of my bird feeders last year because we were attractiing Norwegian Rats. One neighbor said he was going to put out poison, but he thought twice after I pleaded for the local kitties not to!
Nice drawing and a great idea. I think I can hear them in the walls even now . . .
I love this Ian! It is my favourite for this theme! Very clever and well done, a GREAT idea!

p.s. i paint with Liquitex acrylics
hahahah, it took me a second and now i'm cracking up!
Great idea, and looks really good. Diane X
I like this style very much.
Really funny, and love those relaxed, domesticated little rats.
I like the wall behind the rather perplexed homeowner. Funny and fab style Ian!
AWWWWWW wouldn't mind the neighbours being as sweet as your drawn ones - especially Mum and Dad only having ONE baby in nest :) HAHA, I've seen a small bush mouse sneak in and out from next door to steal Tiny Tom Tomatoes but we do nightly bring inside bird food to prevent any unwanted settlers :)
Love it!

You have the best imagination, of all!

The Tart
; *
Thanks. I have a phobic fear of rats. But I've never seen one around here- odd, as I live in farm country- and I'm happy that way. Now, substitute "mice" for "rats" and I'd say you're definitely right!
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