Sunday, October 30, 2005

Latest comics in print 

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The November issue of Total Girl is in store now. Dillon's Rock 'N' Roll Fairies have encountered a large blue toad on a rickety bridge and things are hotting up! I had a lot of fun drawing this one - here's a sample closeup shot of Summa and Winter.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAlso, out now is the newly revamped OzTAKU, issue 1:0! While it has been hard to find until now (available at Manifest and Supernova only), it should be getting broad distribution soon in book and game shops throughout Australia.

My piece is a straight reprint of the very first Moth & Tanuki - originally seen in OzTAKU #2. If you haven't caught up with these guys, now's the time! There's a sample page below. It may not look that good onscreen due to the fact that I used dotty screentones for a traditional pulpy look, but it looks great in print! No prizes for spotting the only spelling mistake I've ever made in print :).

All in all, I totally recommend OzTAKU 1:0 - it's a consistent, packed Ausmanga anthology full of exciting stories and fantastic art!

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WOW WOW, WOW, love that you are getting published regularly. And the cartoon looks like sooo much fun!! Your idea for remote was great. Islands ecosystems are most sensitive to our destruction and we should take carefull heed to what we do there and elsewhere. Really neat idea, to do the map and animals. Love it!!!
Hi Ian, That Julie person above is me, I must have been logged in under my daughter's name. Jacque
Coool stuffs!!
Thanks, JacqueLynn and Alina! These two stories represent one end of my style - work that I'm feeling proud of right now.
I have a Manboy as well as a Cheruboy and he is a Japanese language and country freak who I am going to buy OzTaku for Christmas! He has mentioned Manga and think this would be a great place to start. This will make up for us not purchasing Total Girl (girls just don't get recognised in this house :)
girls just don't get recognised in this house

(Tut tut)... well, it does say "No boys allowed" on the front, though why they wouldn't want to win a chance to "Hang with Hilary" is beyond me :).

I'm a people first - gender, race, everythingelse second - type person (which is just as well, as I have four daughters) :).
Hheheee, you sound like Dad (he had NO choice). We called him King of the Fairies :)
We called him King of the Fairies :)

Yep, I can see that. I guess in the case of the Rock 'N' Fairies, the title of King goes to Dillon, which means I'd be... nah, forget it! ;)
Have OzTAKU 1:0 for Manboy's Christmas, and keeping Pirates edited by Tonia for myself because those Teddies are naughty! If Manboy likes his edition of OzTAKU, add another collector to the list :)
Thanks, Anonymous - I really appreciate your picking up those books! Sorry about the teddies... it's a problem with the nature of indie comics that an anthology can be 95% G-rated and have one really strongly adult (I hesitate to say "mature" about frisky teddies :)) piece in it.

This is an issue for me when I distribute stuff. There was a (sex and drug related) piece in The Ink #2 that meant a lot of shops weren't going to put it on the shelf. While I'm not in favour of too much censorship, these pieces are an audience/distribution limiter. I'm definitely in favour of censorship with regard to kids.
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