Thursday, July 05, 2007

10 Things About Drawing Comics 

Having spent most of yesterday drawing comics, I thought I'd list a few tips that sprang to mind.

  • Curved lines are funny, straight lines are not
  • Just because your family/friends don't think it's funny, doesn't meant it isn't
  • Just because your family/friends do think it's funny, doesn't mean it is
  • After you've worked on anything for a while, it will cease to be funny
  • It's possible to stab yourself in the hand with a fibre-tip pen
  • The lightbox works better when it's turned on
  • Even bleedproof paper turns to ancient parchment when the heating is on
  • Some H pencils are darker than some HB pencils
  • When colouring on the computer, remember to blink
  • Whiteout is your friend

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    You must have been very determined to stab yourself if you managed it with a fiber-tipped pen. *G*

    As for the blinking while working on the computer thing, I have the same problem when working on photography projects. I also find myself holding my breath, which isn't good because recent studies have shown that breathing is beneficial for your health. ;0)
    Aravis, I managed the stabbing thing just with natural klutziness (one reason I avoid power tools!). I've done this once before - kind of tattooed a spot into my hand by accident!

    I hold my breath all the time when I'm drawing fine linework - sometimes consciously, but often not. It's amazing the difference your pulse can make to a line in ink or paint but, as you say, the value of breathing is not to be underestimated either :).
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