Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tea for Illustration Friday 

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This is another frame from the same (upcoming) Moth & Tanuki episode as Flavour. It's safe to say this story veers wildly from the sublime to the ridiculous, but I consider there is truth in both humour and tragedy. I am a little concerned this frame gives a lot away, but maybe it needs to be read in context...

In the print version in OzTAKU this will be finished differently - in dotty screentone greys - this computer-toned version was an experiment.

If I'd had time I would have tried drawing Alice in Wonderland's tea party - I'm hoping some other IFers will have tackled that (I never look until after I've posted). The Illustration Friday themes lately have been great! For last week's I would've done a picture inspired by Christina Rossetti's Song. Oh well, some other day :).

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Great post Ian! Love the Japanese garden to the right and tea house ... obviously a special tea ceremony going on in the distance that brings forth something good :) This is my last comment for at least a few months ... take care :)
Last week of comments - more precise :)
nice illo!
great composition and i've never seen such a beautiful nightime in black and white. i love the bamboo trees on the left side, too. this would be one of my favorite.

good luck to your work and everything.
This has such an intriguing mood! I want to read the whole story! The lighting is very dramatic - I like the sihouetted figures of the father and Tanuki in the pagoda, talking about....???? And the girl in the foreground with the path leading to the pagoda puts us in her place, increasing the mystery and curiosity. The trees all around cloak it in even more mystery. It looks great and it feels gret too! Well done!
very nice.. love the imagery!
it is indeed a fine panel. i love how you've indicated all the different textures.
I popped a little referance to Alice in mine it's hard to spot though ;-)
And yes i do like the look of this panel nice contrasts. Have you read Tom Robbins last novel 'Villa incognito'?
i wonder if your comics are available in the Netherlands?
Hey.. I have read "Till we have faces" also!! It is sooo good!
Have you ever read gathering blue?
Thank you for all the comments.. I responded to them on my site (cause there are so many :) )
Ian, this is so funny! Gotta go back and read again.

BTW, I have missed you. Thanks for the comment, sincerely. You got me grounded... oh, sheesh, I am making unplanned coffee jokes. Anyway you made me smile really big tonight. Have a great week!
Great illo and detail, love the style. Please have a look at my illo for tea. I tried using the same style(black/white) would love to hear your feed back.
Anonymous, take care in the meantime, and make loads of art! Good guess on the tea ceremony, but not quite... :)

Isay, nice pick on the bamboo! I always try to pick suitable plants for backgrounds (I did bamboo in Children of the Moon as well, even though that was set on another world). For a lot of stuff it ends up being local things - gum trees and tree-ferns.

Carla, good question!

Dillon, thanks, yep, the textures ended up being the aim of this particular experiment - now I have to do it again... with screentone dots!

Anthony, I've never read any Tom Robbins, but Tanuki may have :). I appreciated Alice crashing your Japanese tea ceremony - nice 'n' twisted :).

VFM4, (sigh) - if only! OzTAKU was supposed to be going overseas, but it didn't happen. Maybe someday I'll anthologise a bunch of my stuff. My comics would definitely be at home in Europe, I think.

Bearuh, nope, haven't read Gathering Blue (neither has Tanuki), but I'll try to check it out - thanks for the recommendation.
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Ian, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and commenting. It means a lot! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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