Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Run for Illustration Friday 

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For this topic I had a few appropriate sketches and a couple of other ideas, but nothing that fitted better than this, from a recent story I did for an upcoming comic. More about these guys sometime soon...

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ouch poor lil guy lol cute toon
That's a big splat for such a little critter... Well done.
Love the artwork and the explosive energy in this. Three survive to run another day, or is that wishful thinking on my part.
Fresh and funny piece of work!
ooooH no, I hope he survives. so cute I want to se more, the colors and scene are awesome.
Oh, the poor little one! Well done illo, though! *G*
it was the happiest and the most confident one that was hit! the ferns on the background are beautiful.

this is so colorful and funny! so lovely piece of artwork.

looking forward for the next one.
damn that's what happens to mice in the hood!
Mammals get no respect.
oh no! The blue guy in the jumper got shmushed! I love the little dude in the hoodie! those claws are scary!!! Great work!
aww. Poor little thing. That would be me, always trailing along at the back of the pack.

This is so colourful. It's gorgeous. I love it. xx
My auntie used to say to me "Tony, there's two types of people in this world...the quick and the dead!"
Poor guy
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