Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dreams for Illustration Friday 

The reasons why my entry for Illustration Friday this week took so long to post are:

- the topic (again) didn't inspire me, as it's just too broad and esoteric
- my dayjob is full on at present and keeping up with my normal drawing workload as well is difficult (for news on my latest project please see next post below)
- I really don't like this picture and wasn't going to post it

Actually, Jill and J didn't like this one either, and doing a substandard picture is a rotten thing to do to one of the finest books ever written. In my defence, I used time where I was too exhausted to draw anything else to do this, so it was drawn hastily under bad light late at night. I've also tried to experiment with working in a style other than my usual, because for me that's a big part of what IF is about.

By the way, a theme I've suggested is "Alice." :). I'd really hoped to get away from Tenniel's or Disney's Alices, but I failed there as well (exacerbated by colouring her dress in a bluetone). What I do like is the white rabbit's front paw, which is drawn like a real rabbit's. Oh well - against my better judgment here's my picture for "Dreams." It's black ink line and coloured pencil.
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for someone like you who can really create beautiful drawings, your unsatisfaction is understandable. but hey, you have displayed flexibility in your drawings....

i also like the rabbit's front paw!

i was also not inspired with some of the topics in IF and yet, we still draw and challenge ourselves...
I've also found the themes broad, although it's easier to pull something if not anything out of the archives. I'm not one for cutesy or don't like to be seen as liking it but can safely say your image has more to it than just cute. I love the rabbit all over and I also love Alice's elfkin hand. Cheruboy loves the whole drawing and thinks it is colourful :)
Well, it's so easy for us to be our harshest critics, but oftentimes, doing something different, out of our comfort zones, actually allows others to catch a glimpse of another side of our skills and sensibilities. Your picture is really lovely - it's balanced with a nice composition, proper perspective, appropriate and pleasing colors. Nicely done Ian.
Even the worst drawings have something good in them. The rabbit is excellent, and it's a good thing to go out of where you're comfortable. No one improves as an artist otherwise.

I think it's great, though I understand your dissatisfaction...the rabbit is wonderful and I really like the shape of the trees!
Even a "bad' illo is good if it's one of yours! This has the look of a sketch that provides a view of how you want to develop the look of your characters. There's definitely something "twitchy" about the rabbit's ears...they look alert and show that he's very preoccupied. Alice has that wide-eyed incredulous look, and I really like the wavy hair. I do find some of these topics kind of greeting card-ish, but maybe it's the broadness that is the biggest challenge. Have you ever submitted a topic? I have twice, but no go. I'd like to illustrate "attitude" or "serendipity."

Anyway, thanks for your wonderful feedback. I always appreciate your specific comments, and I would always welcome any suggestions as well. I respect the work you do very much. I'm so busy at work, so I don't have time to look at your new posts...I want to "make the rounds" of my favorite blogs over the weekend.

Take care :>

oo nice..cool details and that is a sunny dream of Alice.. reminds me of my "Empty" illo at IF. although mine represent another scene in the story. 8)
I agree with what everyone else has said so far. You know I've been dissatisfied with topics at times too. I become frustrated as I try to illustrate something that I'm simply not all that into. But as the others have said, attempting it anyway forces me to push my boundaries and try new things, as you have done here. I like the way it opens me up, so I keep playing even when I don't like the game. :0)

You did a wonderful job here. I like the colors in the tree by Alice, and I love the rabbit! There's something about the background that makes me think of Africa for some reason. I think it's the tall yellow grass and the shape of the tree in the distance. Combined, they seem to remind me of a scene from a movie set there...
my most favorite story ever! i appreciate anything even remotely alice-ish:D i think it's lovely, and great that you've chanced to deviate from your comfort zone. i do think that wee bunny is looking for some more mushrooms! ;)
yeah, they do likes to play it safe. It's a cute drawing, though, I like Alice's expression, eyeballing the rabbit. I also like her ironed hair. I think she's a Jovi chick by night ;)
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