Monday, July 31, 2006

Doujicon report 

Doujicon Lichtenstein styleYes, indeed, Doujicon ("Australia's first fully-fledged self-published cartoonists and animators convention") on Saturday definitely rocked!

There were classes and discussions going on downstairs that looked well-attended, but I didn't get to any of those, as I spent nearly all my time upstairs in the traders' area. I managed to get around to various tables, but missed buying a few titles I planned to - mostly due to being on our own table, but partly due to the throngs around many tables when I approached (a good problem for an event like this to have!). Meeting so many other local artists for the first time was great - I'm always amused by how artists look like the way they draw! Fortunately, I had my somewhat beaten up copy of Operation Funnybone with me to get a few more signatures and pictures added. A lot of people had come from interstate - even just our table consisted of people from Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria!

Doujicon 2006 pic by PracticeCactusI sat on a table with Tonia Walden (of too many comics to mention), Scott Beattie of Seven Swords, and Aaron & Warwick Burgess of Comics Australia. (I'm not in the picture, but that's my empty chair :)). We had quite a range of A5 format comics for sale, including Tonia's anthologies (Once Upon a Time, Eat Comics, Pirates and Meus Officium Est Abyssus #1 and #2*), the three issues of The Ink, Scott's Seven Swords and Kittyboy, and Daniel Reed's excellent The Crumpleton Experiments #5 & #6.

Full marks must go to Avi Bernshaw and all the OzTaku gang for the amazing effort put into this gathering and the great success that it was! Avi had even arranged food for we traders, which was sooo appreciated.

For loads more pics, check out the gallery provided by the good Mr. Aaron Burgess at Comics Australia Doujicon pictures. You may even find a picture of me there!

* More on this new anthology soon...

On another note, my oldest daughter, H., turned 18 on Friday, and she's growing up nicely, but it is kind of hard to take in - I was a young parent! :)

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It sounds like a wonderful time, and happy birthday to your daughter! :0)
It was lots of fun - I'll probably come down again next year if it's on again.
Thanks, Tonia - table-sharing with you worked great! And thanks again for your invaluable work on getting The Ink #3 to happen!

Shameless plug: (Tonia's books are available from Phase Two Comics.
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