Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Depth for Illustration Friday 

This picture really takes me back. Yes, I didn't have time/inspiration to come up with something new so, as has been suggested to me, I've decided to use an old picture of mine. Actually, I don't have a lot of early material to fall back on, because of the long period (about a decade) where I more-or-less gave up on drawing.

I drew this back in 1982 as part of a batch of illustrations for a children's book proposal. I've done quite a few of these along the way, for aspiring authors who were looking for a publishing deal. In the back of my mind I always knew that even if they got published, I'd probably be given the boot as illustrator, as that's generally the policy (in order to allocate illustrators from inhouse).

The story was a short, fairly realistic tale about a family of ringtailed possums, which I illustrated in black and white in one of my more traditional styles. Unfortunately, I don't own the originals: as usual I gave them to the author! At least on this occasion I kept photocopies of them. This image is a scan of a photocopy of an old photocopy, which does little justice to the careful linework. Oh well, I think it still tells a good story.

Illustration Friday

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Wow. It might be over 20 years old, but it's a real attention grabber. Beatifully rendered inks.
Poor Possum :( Reminds me of the day whilst brushing my teeth with tank water ... don't need to go there during a drought! I would love to see more Australian publications with illustrations like this one! The possum's shadow helps convey alarm; and what a cute face baby has in particular :) Don't give away originals to any more Authors!
Hi Ian! It's a shame you don't own the original, but it's good that you have the photocopy. Even with the degrees of copying separation, your masterful line work is very obvious. I love the various weights of the lines, the patterns, and those adorable possums. I think this is the only time I've ever been able to say that about a possum! I'm glad you shared this with us...see you next week? I hope so!
Beautiful! I think the linework is fantastic in this style of illo. I love pen & ink drawings.
Lovely inkwork
great ink work. i like how you made the water, the shadow and the faces of both possums. The different kind of lineworks have made the impact in your illustration.
Oh Ian, this is marvelous! You've caught the emotions perfectly. But then, I'm a little partial to possums. Such funny little critters.
Really lovely work. Don't you dare give away originals again!
that completely bites that you kept on getting pushed to the side, but that's wonderful that you kept helping these wannabe authors. i love your illo, i know they're pests (they were the bane of my gama's existance!) but i remember a drive through the outback and a visit to a possum orphanage, and cuddling a half dozen of the wee critters. lovely illo!
Waiter- there's a possum in my soup! What's he doing? The backstroke! (drum fill) Great drawing!
I think this is beautiful - lovely lines and very expressive
Your line work is so outstanding. But what I love about this piece is that huge black space, it works so well with the light areas, it gives it a great balance. Still I keep going back to the great line work, geez, maybe because I can't do it, but I'm always amazed when I see line work like this.
Nicely done Ian! Lovely work - an oldie but a goodie! I always look forward to seeing your work.
A wonderful line illustration!
Hi! thank you for your comment. Why did you give up with illustration? Just a question, I am just starting...I like this image, it tells you a story by itself..
I like the unique use of composition in this one. My son is very impressed!
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