Sunday, February 12, 2006

Simple for Illustration Friday 

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This old Busker Jim sprang to mind for the topic. I was going to scan just the second panel as that could stand alone, but the whole strip makes it clearer. The Busker strip appeared in a Melbourne newspaper, City Extra through 1984 and 1985, so this strip dates from just before I gave up drawing (for 15 or so years).

Probably the strongest element in the strip was the dog character (who I'd had for quite a while before), though all the busking musician characters grew as individuals as it went along. It's all really dated now, but I like the sense of early '80s Melbourne that comes through in this series.

Jill's amused by the way I'm eating my back-catalogue for IF (I didn't think I was using old stuff that often :)).

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It's great Ian T! Illustrates the topic precisely :) It's saddening how buskers are disappearing because of expensive council insurance issues...
This is a fun comic...I love the characterization of all three! The subject is perfect for this week's topic. As far as I'm concerned...dig away at your old stuff. Clearly you have many treasures:>
very clever idea!! Great comic drawing too!
I love this so much Ian! It illustrates that patronising/embarrassing switch so well. Great work.
I always find it amusing everytime I see buskers. There's a certain feeling of sincerity, an eagerness to share. Lovely idea!

I think you have a big box of drawings and It would be nice to see all of them.
I love it! I can certainly relate. *G*
great choice for this week. i hope you share more of these.
Better something old than nothing at all...good comic!
Ha ha! I've been there. Especially with my guitar. I'll be plucking away happily, thinking I'm impressing somebody and then they'll say, "Can I try?" And they're like Andres Segovia or somebody. (Sheesh.)
Hee hee, there's always someone one or five steps beyond
very funny.
What impresses me is that YOU are the one who actually drew the horse - great comic - perfect for the topic - well done. Your work and commentary always interests me. Thanks for sharing!
hey... great job
Thanks for welcoming something so old!

Anonymous, yeah, busking is all tied up with red tape these days - permits on when and where, that you have to apply for weekly in most cases - just too much trouble for most buskers.

Bee 'N Me, that's similar to what a colleague I showed the strip to at the time said: "This gives you a chance to show that you can really draw." I notice the great Bill Waterson, as Calvin and Hobbes progressed, found the format almost limitless to include beautiful artwork of whatever he felt like drawing - still the perfect strip in many ways. Combining more realistic drawing into the pure comic strip is a tricky thing.

Roz and Tony - yep, I know that feeling well. For me, I got it mostly from being in a band with a group of fantastic singer/musicians, when I'll only ever at my best sing like a ... songwriter! :( :)
oh WOW!! that is fantastic, Ian!

not really simple but, WOW again! :)
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