Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Remember for Illustration Friday 

This simple one panel cartoon seemed to cover it for me for the Illustration Friday theme of "Remember."

It was going to just be a generic type cartoon but, when I thought about it, it seemed a good outing for Oliver and Maree, two characters from Joytown, a strip I developed a couple of years ago for a newspaper competition. I scripted about 50 strips and drew up 10 at the time, and I still like the characters, so I may work further with them at some point.

If this picture doesn't work for you, add the caption: "Remember?"


Ha ha - perfect illo for the topic! You should continue developing your strips and post them in your blog.
this can go both ways.... *eyes twinkling*...
Janice, you are so right! :)
HE !HE!! Fun!
i want more Ian!
Nice art work....very original!!!
This is a clever one Ian! Nice job.
Sorry you came upon my rant on Tony's blog. I've never spouted like that before, especially swearing, but it was in response to his rant on the same folks. I should have left it alone. That's not my style to go on like that :(
very fun, i love these characters!
Whenever I was with a friend, and I ran into someone I used to know but couldn't remember their name, I'd just introduce my friend. This way, the old friend would say THEIR name. :) It works!
Like this cartoon. I am sent back to the days of Betty and Veronica! Your blog is a great resource for those who are interested in creating comics. I haven't seen that yet in IF world. Thanks for commenting on my blog too!
reminds me of a roy L in a way nice take
Yup, that about sums it up, though to be fair I have my forgetful moments too. *G* Great illo ian. :0)
Arvindh, I have thought about putting these strips on my Blog, but they're a handful from a long (scripted) sequence, and I can't see much point in drawing lots more up if they're not going into print anywhere. My general policy is to put comics up here that are already in print form somewhere - it's good copyrightwise!

Tony, I'm going to try that next time!

Designing Fairy, I hadn't really thought about this site as a resource, but thanks! I might talk about my working methods a bit sometime if it's any use.

MD, this could be done as a Roy Lichtenstein - it'd need to be dotty though :).
i just love the way you've summed it up in just one frame, very clever!
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