Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Recent cat album covers 

Here's another in my series of posts about weird hobby number 973 - compiling animal album covers. There's such a glut of these lately that I'm having to divide them up into dragons, dogs, horses, reptiles, monkeys, etc. I may or may not get to post some of the others :). What's interesting here are some of the stylistic and thematic similarities occurring concurrently in a short space of time. So here they are, cats big and small, all from recent CD covers (Click on pic if you want a closer view).

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Top row
  • James Yorkston - The Year of the Leopard - Warm, understated, confessional acoustica with delicate musical arrangements
  • Radicalfashion - Odori - Minialbum of dreamlike swirls of piano and electronics from Japanese composer Hirohito Ihara
  • Polar Goldie Cats - Feral Phantasms - Fine instrumental rock band awash with cats of every sort
  • Jane Seidel Trio - We Get Requests: Live at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival - Australia's first lady of jazz vocal/piano performs requests backed by guitar and double bass
    2nd row
  • The Blow - Poor Aim Love Songs - Danceable electropop EP with female vox, from Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt
  • Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond - Nick 13 and Co move from their psychobilly roots towards pop territory
  • Ratatatat - Classics - Instrumental band with eclectic range from dance to metal, with a full on production
  • Against Me! - New Wave - 10 track punk rock, less edgy but consistent
    3rd row
  • Interpol - Our Love to Admire - The ubiquitous New York quartet in black remain in top form
  • Yea Big & Kid Static - The Heavy 7″ - Collaborative 4 track EP from hiphop duo
  • Various - Ibiza: The Sound of Renaissance Vol. 4 - Summery deep, progressive techy club 'n' chillout
  • Peter J. Slack - The Cat Continuum - Canadian pop/folk album (from a fellow blogger!)

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    Added note: Ben Lee liked Against Me's New Wave so much he made an acoustic cover of the whole album! You can find the tracks to download from Ben Lee's Blog (19th August).

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    Hey Ian.. Love your blog site. I'm very honoured you chose my album cover design among the fine collections of covers. My daughter drew the purple "Cat from Venus", she is 15 and a very talented young artist and musician. My friend Jen Gillmor did the layout work and her company is Sound and Vision design. Take a look at Jen's portfolio of cd cover layouts at http://svdesign.ca/grafixgallerya.html , she has done a lot of great cd covers that you would be interested to see
    Thanks, Peter J! I happened upon your album by complete accident and it was perfect for this theme. It's a nicely designed cover - I particularly like the colours, and the attitude of the cat!

    I had a look at Jen's site and it's an object-lesson in good CD design, inside and out - something I'd be interested in learning more about. Some great poster art too!
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