Monday, November 07, 2005

We're not crazy, just artistic! 

From The Age newspaper - I don't usually link newspaper articles, but this one confirmed something I've always suspected.

Anti-social? No, just artistic (by Geoff Strong)

"KNOW any creative types: writers, painters, musicians, actors? Chances are they tend to be contrary, a touch psychotic and rebels, cause or not... Although all creative people tended to have what is known as schizo-type personalities..."

Okay, I know what my own issues are, but the odd thing is, they fuel both my need to make art (in whatever form) and the way I go about it. Also, I think most artists I know create work that is informed and motivated at least partly by their pathologies, so I guess I agree with the conclusions of this study.

Funny, Jill and I discussed this article and had both instantly come up with the same use for a brick :).

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