Monday, May 10, 2010

Doujicon 4 and OzTAKU Subsequence anthology 

These days I don't get to conventions very often, but on Saturday I decided to check out Doujicon 4. One reason I like this trader and artist based comics convention is that it combines the local Western comics and manga/anime scenes better than any other. Also, it's small :).

 Best of all, the good people at OzTAKU have just released the OzTAKU Subsequence anthology, a compilation of manga tales from local (and some overseas artists), including the complete 16 page Moth & Tanuki story, Night of the Mothbots. I think it's one of my better efforts, and tells a substantial story that works as a standalone (so a good place to start).

The anthology itself is fantastic. Edited by Robet Eiva, it is in a digest-sized format familiar to manga readers (and pleasantly reminiscent of the underrated Xuan Xuan). With a catchy cover from Hollow Fields star Madeleine Rosca, it's full of fascinating stories in a wide variety of manga-related styles, along with short interviews. I really like this book - hope it gets the wide circulation it deserves!
Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed catching up with so many local comickers, new and old - talking to all these artists and writers, and picking up a stack of new books, is what I really enjoy at conventions. What really amazes (and pleases) me is just how many local female comics artists and writers were there - it's a good sign about the nature of our comics/manga scene here in Australia! I was knocked out by quite a few people's art, including getting to see some original pages (always a treat).

I'm feeling enthusiastic about the future of comic-making in Australia - it's never been more exciting!

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