Friday, August 13, 2004

Manga and life 

I can't seem to get a chance to write in here lately, so miss saying stuff like:

- I saw kangaroos here one morning as I was turning into the Uni. Pretty amazing, as they were across the road near the Halls of Residence and not near much in the way of bush. They seemed relaxed, with one lying down and even a joey grazing with them.

- J. is off staying at a friend's place tonight and L. is very sad. H. turned sixteen a few weeks ago and is growing up nicely! R. often writes to me on the email.

- Tomorrow I'm going to Manifest, which is the Manga/Anime Convention. Both Xuan Xuan and Oztaku people should be there, sharing the Drawing Room, so I might be signing books :).

- I haven't seen Oztaku no. 2 yet, but apparently my five page story Moth & Tanuki is in there! When I get a chance I'll scan a picture of them for my website.
- Riffin' to Oblivion, Part 3 is progressing slowly, but I'm struggling with it, not least of all because it's much darker and less funny than the previous two episodes. Bands are a microcosm of life in many respects. This is the last episode and the parallel between a band and a marriage is underlined more starkly even than previously. The character who turns out to be a bit of a villain is not who people will expect, I think.

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