Friday, December 03, 2004

A strange week 

This week has been a transitional one in so many ways. Leaving a position where I was managing a staff of nine was a difficult decision, but pretty much inevitable, given the distance I had to travel each day. My plan on going on secondment for seven months was to try to see them through a difficult period and learn new skills myself, and I think I achieved both.

Another sad loss this week has been the news that L.'s teacher is leaving, when usually she would have remained through the next four years. Quite a few of the parents have reservations about how the whole thing was handled - the short notice, the commitment of the new teacher, the potential consequences - but there is no doubt that her reasons are good and now is a better time than in another year.

Unfortunately, there has been some conflict between a group of parents and the school over these issues, but I'm hoping that it is resolved as well as can be for now. The important thing is that we support our children properly through this difficult time.

The high point of last week was the news that Xuan Xuan has been delayed in publication, but will eventually see print! This means I have to write another episode of Children of the Moon, which will probably be the final one.

Oztaku #2 will be out soon, featuring a four page Moth & Tanuki story. I'm working on a longer one for the following issue but don't know if I'll make the deadline, though I'd like to. The next issue will probably have some international distribution and it's a good story so I'll keep working on it!

I received a wonderful offer last night! A friend of mine who does regular strips in various publications asked whether I'd be interested in being the artist on some of his future professional work, as he is so busy now. I'm overjoyed! It is lovely that he thinks I'm good enough (and I value his opinion) but also this strip is one of my favourites, and my children also love it!

He had looked at Moth & Tanuki recently, particularly with Moth flying, so possibly this was the story that indicated my style might be a good match. I'll do some samples as soon as possible (maybe this weekend) and see what he thinks. He's a strong writer and artist, and it'd be nice for me to be the artist only for once. It would be lovely if this worked out, but it is very pleasing to be asked whatever!

This morning I heard a fluttering at the door near my office. When I opened it, I found an immature pigeon outside, trapped in the closed alley outside the windows. I enquired with a major animal agency what I should do with it, but they said they were required to put down feral pigeons by law. They suggested it was in the transitional stage between nest and flying (it could get a little bit off the ground), and that it would be best to put it out where its parents might find and feed it, which was what I'd initially thought. I let it go in a garden area of the courtyard not far from where I found it.

Learning to fly is not the easiest thing.

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