Monday, April 11, 2005

Greg Gates 

Today I had lunch with Greg Gates, the artist behind Strange Worlds: the Art of Greg Gates.

I'd been desperately searching for Bristol board - an industry standard illustration board produced by all the usual companies, such as Strathmore, Winsor & Newton and Canson - but without success. Apparently, none of the companies are distributing this paper in Australia anymore! Anyway, Greg kindly offered to sell me a pad he had cheaply and it's much appreciated (particularly as I can now start on "Moth & Tanuki" 4).

Even better was the chance to catch up! I hadn't spoken to Greg since the early '80s, when he was a co-owner of Minotaur Books & Comics, and he had given me good advice and encouragement about publishing Maelstrom, and also about illustration in general.

Greg showed me some of his latest work, for an upcoming Phil Bentley book, and Greg's artwork, showing Regency era Jane Austenish characters, was beautiful. I recommend looking out for that one, but in the meantime, pick up a copy of Strange Worlds if you haven't already.


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