Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Envy for Illustration Friday 

Well, I finished last month with an Illustration Friday, so I thought it'd be nice to start this month with one directly after. This week the theme is Envy. Discussion below...

The Earth and Mars were done in ink and watercolour on paper, then scanned and adjusted, after which I added space, stars, clouds and touching up on the computer. This is more a cartoon than anything else. I wanted to do the theme of Envy without going over into Jealousy or other emotional territories, but I don't know if I succeeded entirely. Actually, "Thirsty" might work just as well as a theme :).

Yep, Mars would be envious of Earth's water! Like your milky way. Thanks for your comment, but it dissapeared ... Blogger? Also .. clicking from IFs page takes you where no one can comment on your image, just the jpeg page.
Thanks, Anonymous. Yeah, I realised about that link from IF about a second after I clicked on it - so people coming from there may look but not comment! :)
Could repost under Ian T? By the way, Cheruboy was chuffed. Thinking of getting Eat Comics to add to his Bday collection - loved your Bunyip and kettle piece!
Thanks, I can recommend Eat Comics as being fairly family friendly, which not all the anthologies I'm in are, but then anthologies are always a mixed bag. Bunyip isn't a typical piece for me - I chose a faux Victorian illustration style for it, which is a bit stiff, but I think suits the poem.

I acted on your suggestion at IF too - I'll try to get the linking right next time :).
Hey... I wanted to comment the first time I saw this too.
It's a novel approach. Creative.

BTW, what was so disturbing about the jagged framing around my eye illu? I wanted to add a hint of "anger" to the image. Maybe that's it... Anyway, thanks for visiting and commenting.
Ms Elle, it was that the eye image had an undertone of being "cut out" from the face around it that disturbed me. Actually, it's a nice element - a bit like those nightmarish Tom Adams' Agatha Christie covers - so not a bad thing at all :).
Hi Ian, I love the effect, esp since I like the cartoon take on it. Really nice. And thank you SO much for telling me about John Wolseley, he is not an artist I had seen, so I looked him up over the net. He does absolutely wonderful work, and thanks to you I now know about him. Thank you and Very Best Regards, Jacque
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