Thursday, July 14, 2005

Operation Funnybone 

Last night, I went to a Fundraiser at the HolliAva in Richmod, for Operation Funnybone, the huge upcoming anthology book with benefits to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Unfortunately, this get together was on the same night as Cinema Nova's Comics to Animation show, which is where most local comics artists, cartoonists and animators were last night. It was a tricky decision - at least one comics artist managed to get to both, by ducking in early at OF and going on.

It was nice to finally get to meet Glen Shearer and so many of the other Operation Funnybone people - artists, promoters, supporters. There was an exhibition of framed coloured prints with quotes from each artist, including my Moth & Tanuki colour page.

It's not too late for more Australian comics artists and cartoonists to join up, but deadlines are getting close, so I'd encourage anyone thinking about contributing to do it now! Deadlines are close (see OF site) and it's a fantastic opportunity to have some of your work - new or old - represented in a massive, well-presented compilation, without giving up ownership of your work, and all in a good cause.

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