Thursday, September 22, 2005

Escape for Illustration Friday 

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surprising and fun!!!
it's one of my favorite colors!
Wicked interpretation BUT looks Blah };-}
Fun interpretation! Very nice.
Inspired interpretation!
I laughed! And I needed a laugh since my computers are down at work today. Graphically clean and simple and funny at the same time. I was interested to read what you said about Wallace and Gromit. My MOM is dying to see it. She loves W and G. Very Best Regards, Jacque
Thanks, all - I'll check out yours (and comment) as soon as I can, but I'm having a week off and this computer keels over on most pages with graphics.

Anonymous, I don't even own a scanner, hence the quick 'n' dirty pic this week (done in Paintshop). Jacque, I think for a W and G fan the film is fun, just not a classic (like The Wrong Trousers).
Very simple, but no less wonderful...it's a great interpretation. Now...what would happen if all the bricks decided to join in the escape...they could fly off in formation like a flock of geese!
there he goes! catch him!!

aaaaaaaaah, too late... :)

so simple, i like it very much!
I keep expecting a face to pop up and peer through the gap left behind. *G*
lighthearted and, yes, unexpected. Great picture! My brain keeps shouting, Follow that brick!
Cool Cat };=}
Thanks, Anonymous, you're a brick!

Angelique, people think that brick hasn't got its feet on the ground, but it knows exactly where's it going!
Yea and brick gets it's freedom...cute interp of escape theme. love the color...the wings are nice too!
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