Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Float for Illustration Friday 

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These days I tend to shy away from animation as it can be resource/time intensive. I was pleasantly surprised by how little time this took to make! I used the Animation Shop that comes with Paintshop Pro. It's not perfect by any means and I had to make it a small enough filesize (under 250K) to upload.


Hehe, fresh breath of air - until I realised he was floating at the bottom of the ocean :) Or was the fish floating in what looks more like sky ..hmmm
Neat-o. I have never done animation, this looks really neat! Love the fish at the end, that really made it.
I've never posted a comment before......but I love this! I think they are not under the water but in the air. Haven't you heard of flying fish?
This looks great ian! I've been looking into doing some animation recently as long as it doesn't sidetrack me too much. What sort of file type is it, and where are you uploading it to if you don't mind me asking? :)
Thanks, all!

I'm not sure if it's the sky or the sea, though I have some theories :). This concept just popped into my head (like last weeks) so I thought I'd draw it unchallenged.

Anthony, I drew the bits, scanned them in as a low resolution GIF, which I then used to make 16 frame variations in Paintshop. Then I loaded these into Animation Shop (which you can pick up as freeware, I think) and fiddled further with all the frames.

Then I had to compress it all (resize and lower the dpi) right down to upload onto Photobucket, as the limit is 250K, which this is close to!
Great to see you stepping into animation for this - great job...it works really well for the subject, and the double take of the mouse at the fish is exactly what we do when we see it - cool. My theory is, since the mouse seems to do a double take, he is surprised to see the fish there, and thus they must be in the air. Great stuff Ian!
too fun...i do love me some fun! gave me a good laugh.
Neat!! It's moving!
as i see it, the mouse is floating in the air but in a great speed hence the double take while the fish playing and jumping in the water didn't realized the balloon was coming that the fish tried to avoid being hit and it made it look like it was swimming straight in the air.

i enjoyed it so much!
somehow my brain can't grasp it, it's so illogical.. very strange...

but cool! :)
That is a pretty fast load animation. It's been ages since I tried that sort of thing. :)

thanks for the comment. absolutely appreciate it.

hmmm...everyone entitles to their opinion. I was thinking about something more relaxing. Just glad I did it!

Hey! btw, how do you come about with my blog? curious me...hehehe!
Great, something fresh! I love how the dog moves his head..."Hey, I'm the protagonist here, what are you doing?!" btw, thanks for your comment!
really sweet animation!!! loved its simplicity.
and much appreciate your comment. thank you alot!
This was fun to watch -- a nice change. And perfect for the theme of course!
Ian, this is fun! I liked watching the balloon come closer to me, seeing the little bear face, and then...a fish? You must have enjoyed doing this! It's a nice chnage of pace.
I also want to thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments on my work; I always look forward to your critiques, and this week I especially enjoyed your references to the Milais and Waterhouse paintings...such beauty!
Ian, nice animation. I was thinking the flying fish, a la Super Mario Brothers 3 (I think). Unique take on the theme.

Your website is pretty cool, also.
I am oh-so-impressed! Animation on Illustration Friday..I must take a peek at the rest of your site!
Thanks, all! I had a lot of fun with this one, and just drew what came into my head without pondering the logic of it too much (the same as last week's questionable effort).

I had meant the character to be a mouse, but given how few pixels are involved dogs and bears are also acceptable :). With a small scale the fish would be an ordinary goldfish. And now, my theory...

which I came up with a few days after posting the pic...

I reckon the fish is a kite!

Tony, thanks for looking at my site - it's in bad need of an overhaul, I think!
Ian, this was such a treat! Thank-you for taking the time to make this. It's so much fun. *G*
Oh, wow..thanks for such a fun post!

I also like your fairies below! Your work is so fun.
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