Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free for Illustration Friday 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere's a lot going on at present, so there's a chance this will be my last Illustration Friday for a while, and it's inexcusably slack at that (there's those bricks again!). As another IFer said recently: something's got to give and it looks like it will be IF.

Actually, now I think about it, something relevant to the theme is that we have a sulphur-crested cockatoo living on our roof (and the overhanging trees), and he's evidently someone's pet, though not all that tame. Every morning I've been climbing up and giving him food and water, and he hisses. The cockatoo has been here for nearly three weeks now. I can't really catch him, but I worry with the feral cat that's hanging around again. Domesticated birds (and animals) never seem able to go back into the wild properly - he sees the wild cockatoos but doesn't seem interested in them.

This picture isn't really intended as a self-portrait - just a sketch of an idea about having no idea for a sketch.

Drawing-wise I have a load of submissions to finish up, plus one competition I want to enter and another local project. Stop reading now if you're not interested in personal stuff.

The last two weekends we've had School Open Days/fetes. I'm also busy organising music and lights for J's end of year function - pop music gives me a headache!

Sadly, H seems to be having a lot of trouble with her mother (the dreaded ex-wife) lately, and that's going about as badly as it possibly can. There's other family stuff going on as well, but for me this is really the worst of it.

I'm not sure I understand the concept of "Free" anyway.

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Ian, sounds like you're swamped with things good and not so good, so it's no wonder you felt a little balnk about coming up with the idea. I do like the feeling of this illustration, because I think we can all realte to the sensation of being small and trapped within a wall. Fortunately, the bricks seem to crumble eventually! I always find your posts about animal life so fascinating...everything is so exotic where you are! I guess the closest I'll get to a cockatoo on hy roof is a wild turkey in my front yard. Take care...and best of luck with everything:>
Your drawing fully illustrates where you are now! I don't think it is a laughing matter ... actually you probably are at a stage where you have to laugh to survive. I wish you the best and hope to see you back at IF; although will be dissappearing myself in a couple of months perhaps for six. We have a lorikeet at the moment who I am sure is tame, he sticks his tail in the window so I can't close it after putting out food :)
Hey Ian sounds like we could start a club...
I've been so busy with school the last few weeks, to point of questioning my sanity!
I laughed at something not funny yesterday and someone wondered why, I answered that if I didn't laugh I'd cry...
I need to get back on my black cushion and breath with a correct posture!
OK really hit the nail on the head with this concept. Right on the mark, funny and so true.
Yeah, illustration Fridays are fun (and a great way to get people to actually come to your blog!) but sometimes there's just too much going on
Thanks, Tony - yep, I'm hoping this post will cover me for when I do inevitably fall off the IF wagon for a while. This week I've scraped in with an old pic...
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