Monday, December 19, 2005

Operation Funnybone released! 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Operation Funnybone is out!

It's available (even as we speak) from:

  • Reader's Feast
  • Alternate Worlds

  • (more shops soon)

    This incredible anthology is in support of a great cause - The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre - so please consider grabbing copies of Operation Funnybone as gifts, among your last minute Christmas shopping!

    This brilliant, beautiful book is perfectly bound and presented in a classy, coffee-table book format. It captures the essence of where Australian comics artists are right now, across the whole range of styles and approaches. I've found myself reading it almost constantly since I landed my copy.

    (c) Ian T - Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere's a huge amount of comics in there, along with detailed interviews with Australian comics creators. With so much reading it could be possible to lose sight of just how much comics work is included in this expansive book - there are lots of substantial stories, short pieces, strips, standalone art pieces - a bit of everything.

    The written introductions by editor Glen Shearer and Holly Shorland convey a perfect sense of what this book and project are all about. Sadly, one of my favourite writers, Pamela Bone, wrote a moving final column in The Age today, as she is retiring due to terminal cancer, and she made some similar observations about attitudes and experiences to both Holly's Forward and her comic in this book, Drip, Drip, Drip. I think Holly's story is central to the heart of this project, and is a good place to begin reading.

    (c) Ian T - Image hosted by Photobucket.comA special bonus for me is that so many favourite pieces that I haven't been able to own in print before - such as 24 hour webcomics and stories printed overseas - are in this book! In addition, most of the material here is altogether new. Australian comics are all about diversity and this is the best showcase of local comics artists I have ever seen - a tribute to the vision and persistence of Glen Shearer, who put it together.

    (c) Ian T - Image hosted by Photobucket.comDifferent artists have chosen to contribute a variety of work. I went for a scattershot approach - a couple of pages of re-edited Riffin' to Oblivion, a page of Moth & Tanuki, along with some short pieces and a bunch of the Joytown comic strip I've had for a while - the pictures here are snipped from various of those.

    The interviews give a lot of insight into the Australian comics scene, the motivations and frustrations of the artists, and the joy they find in creating their work. There's lots to laugh at, plenty to think about, and loads to keep coming back to read.

    (c) Ian T - Image hosted by Photobucket.comContributors:

    Aaron O'Donnell
    Adrian Ceroni
    Alex Major
    Alice Mrongrovius
    Amanda Jane Penrose
    Andie Tong
    Anthony Woodward
    Arran McKenna
    Avi Bernshaw
    Ben Constantine
    Bernard Caleo
    Bernard Nagle
    Brendan Boyd
    Brendan Tolley
    Brendon Kirk
    Brian Jordan & Darren Jordan
    Chris Lassig
    Colin Wells & Tony Newton
    Daniel Cox
    Daniel Reed
    Daniel VanderWerff & Daniel Quinney
    Darren Close
    Darren Moore
    Dave Hodson
    David Blumenstein
    David Follett
    David Kerr
    David Li
    Dean Humphries
    Dean Rankine
    Dillon Naylor
    Doug Holgate
    Gary Lau
    Gary Wong
    Gavin Thomson
    Glenn Smith
    Hayden Fryer
    Henry Popienia
    Holly Shorland
    Ian C. Thomas
    Jase Harper
    Jason Badower
    Jason Chatfield
    Jason Frazer
    Jo Waite
    Jules Faber
    Justin Tan
    Kenneth Chan
    Kirrilly Schell
    Lee Hislop & Robert Forrest
    Leigh Rigozzi
    Lindsay Arnold
    Maggie McFee
    Mandy Ord
    Marc Schmidt
    Maria Francisca
    Matt Bayliss
    Matthew Huynh
    Michael Li
    Mikal Fikaris
    Mike Delight
    Nic Drury
    Nicki Greenberg
    Owen Heitman
    Owen Nichols & Tanya Nichols
    Peta Hewitt
    Peter Jetnikoff
    Rachel Wasilejko
    Rob O'Connor
    Robert De Graauw
    Robert Forrest
    Shane Foley
    Stewart Mckenny & Annette Kwok
    Sud Abbas
    Talitha Nonveiller
    Tee Hamilton
    Tonia Walden
    Troy Kealley
    Trudy Cooper
    Wen Chee
    Zeldz Magnoonis
    Zeno Sworder

    Operation Funnybone deserves a place in any artbook collection, graphic novel collection or library, and remember the proceeds are toward a great cause!


    Thanks Ian, you just gave me a couple of gift ideas. I'm off to Readers Feast.

    joe bloggs

    (sorry, it's not allowing me to post as joe bloggs)
    Thanks, Joe! Reader's Feast have it at the special price of $29.95! Your purchase of this book will be greatly appreciated... and not just by me - Merry Christmas!

    I'll post about another book (Tango #6) tonight...
    Congratulations Ian! Yaaaaaaay!
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