Thursday, April 13, 2006

Speed for Illustration Friday 

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Beware speeding Tanuki! This is from a piece I'm currently working on - I scanned one frame and threw in some bright web colours - but, hey, it matches the topic :). I thought I wasn't going to post for IF this week. I'm not sure about the skateboard shape - what do you reckon?

nice speeed illo!
better make sure that tanuki doesnt disappear with ur skateboard, which looks ok to me, nice drwg
OMG! That's like my dog! Only it just feels like he is on a skateboard! Who is walking who?! LOL Great job!!
Funny and well drawn illustration.
This is great! I love the zoooooming feeling of it - lots of speed here - and the really desperate determination on the boy's face to not let go of the leash. The charcaters and colors are really great, and the skateboard looks fine to me (not that I'm an expert...it's been many years since there's been a skateboard in my house). This reminds me of the huge dog we had when I was a child. It took off when we were walking him and dragged me down a dirt road. Ouch....
cool! some dogs might really want to do that! i looked at the skateboard over here and the shape is just fine. i like the colors you have chosen and how you have made the blue color fade from top to bottom.

by the way thank you about mentioning the aadvark. i didn't know exactly what they are and i have looked info about them. interesting.

happy easter, too to you and your family!
Love it! Just as it is... love the face on the escape artist. LOL

The Tart
; )
The skateboard is pretty good actually. You've captured it. You know, when I was younger I used to think about doing this with my dog. I'd never considered a raccoon before. Great illustration, Ian! *G*
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