Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring for Illustration Friday 

Image hosting by PhotobucketAs soon as I told Jill that Illustration Friday this week was "Spring," she suggested this.

So here she is - Spring, the lead singer of Dillon Naylor's comic-strip band, The Rock 'N' Roll Fairies. This is one of a bunch of pictures I did when Dillon first suggested that I take over drawing the serial in Total Girl magazine.

I've said it before - they're wonderful character designs and a lot of fun to draw. There are slight differences in the way Dillon and I draw them - my Fairies tend to be slightly plumper - but our styles have proved pretty compatible overall.

I also had a painting that I did years ago in mind for this topic, but it's not that relevant and trying to fit it on my scanner and piece it together is just too hard right now, so maybe it'll fit some later IF topic.

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She's fresh little sprite! She's got such a wide open face with such pretty eyes and smile. I like the platform shoes too:> That must be a fun serial to illustrate...perhaps you'll share some of the other characters with us?
She is obviously a diva. What did she just sing??
very coool character!! Nice to have a SPring fairy around!
she is adorable and her color is monochromatic! i imagine fairies just like her. sexy, cool, young, fun etc.
It's cool that you can take a character and give it your own spin. I like what you've done with her. Great drawing.
I knew I liked you but I couldn't put my finger on quite why until now.

You draw them PLUMPER! Hoorah!

If only all men thought that way. xx
Hey, Rrramone, you wrote:
She is obviously a diva. What did she just sing??

You must be a secret Rock 'N' Roll Fairies fan! They've just performed that great Fairies standard (as written by Dillon Ramone): "Rock, rock, rock 'n' roll fairies!"
I'm not familiar with the characters, but this is wonderful! So much personality on the face and in her posture.
She is way too cool!

The Tart
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