Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Angels & Devils for Illustration Friday 

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It's all just fun, fun, fun with those guys!

I thought I wouldn't get anything for this topic for Illustration Friday, but this came into my head last night, so I scribbled it out quickly in pencil, scanned it and added some colour in Photoshop. This is pretty much an unfinished sketch - I had planned to work it up further, but Jill said that it could lose something with doing that, and I think she was right.

If you're interested in children's book illustrations, please check out the next post on the main page...

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Yeah I like the looseness of this illo ian. There's pros and cons with both methods and i find myself alternating between the two.
Hope all is well ;)
I agree with Jill and anthony. This is a fun image!
Excellent. It doesn't need too much polishing. I re-did my entry, and although some aspects of it were improved, it lost some of it's character....

This works really well with the loose feel, it appears very relaxed, like the pose itself.
I like the Moon-like image under the table. He seems more phased being closer to the angel.
Hello Ian, I spent quite a while looking at your sketch, had to take it all in! Its wonderfully composed and has a real punch.
clever idea! i like the soft lines.
Yes, devil and angel both look relaxed and consumed by the game. I like the looseness of this piece, gives it a edgy, energetic feel. Sharp piece of work!
Beautiful!!! Love that Angel. Wow!!

The Tart
; )
Cool idea!
Interesting piece, I like the flow.
Very intense and the Angel looks composed and assured, the face under the table adds to the interest.
I like the quick look of this...it makes it seem like it's taking place in a less tangible realm (and in fact, it is). I like the disc with the face in the middle of the table - perhaps it's someone's soul that they are playing chess over? Well done!
lov the concentration on both of there faces lik elife depended on each move lol
you did a bautiful job on this and it's a clever idea!!! I see a third face in the circular part of the table, am i crazy?
I love this x
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