Thursday, June 22, 2006

Six Feet Under - final episode 

Six Feet Under pic - HBOThe final episode of Six Feet Under was shown here on Monday night at midnight. Something that really amused me is that I jokingly said to Jill (and a few other fans of this series) a few weeks ago how I thought it should end... and it did! I won't say how (in case you haven't seen it), but the ending was so absolutely in keeping with the vibe of the whole series, and wouldn't have worked for any other show.

Beyond the concept, the closing sequence was absolutely brilliant - masterful, perfectly written, directed and edited - an all-time great, and easily the best thing we'll see on TV this year. It helped that the episode was written by series creator, Alan Ball, and the song used in the closing sequence - a 10 minute version of local artist Sia Furler's Breathe Me - was perfectly chosen and integrated. [SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT] This sequence rewards repeated viewings, answering even minor questions about nearly all of the characters and remaining moving on repeated viewings. What was most beautiful was the sense of movement and of the compression of time.

I try to limit my TV watching time to a few shows that are really worth it. There aren't many, particular ones that have something meaningful to say about the human condition. Six Feet Under was definitely one of them.


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