Monday, August 28, 2006

Alan Parsons Project remasters/reunion 

The Avenue - Alan Parsons news: "In 2007, Sony BMG will re-release the original Arista-era albums (I Robot 1977 through Gaudi 1987)," personally remastered by Alan Parsons in digital stereo."

Apparently, the remasters will be released in three batches, featuring an album from each of the APP periods - the first batch, due for release in January 2007 will be I Robot, Eye in the Sky and Vulture Culture. The Project recorded some of the most intricately layered studio-rock ever made, featuring brilliant songwriting (courtesy of Eric Woolfson) and musicianship. No-one combines rock band and orchestra like these guys - I can't wait to hear the remasters! Also, these new editions will include complete booklets with all album artwork, plus additional pictures and information.

"And of course, people have also been wanting rarities and bonus tracks for years. Both Alan and Eric Woolfson have been going through their personal archives looking for lost material and the results of that search will be revealed on these new discs."

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThese new tracks include a number of Eric Woolfson's piano/vocal original versions of the songs, some alternative versions, some Alan Parsons musical demos (including an extended "Sirius" alternative version) and even some unheard songs, such as the Eric Woolfson fronted There are No Answers Only Questions, featuring distinctive Ian Bairnson fretwork.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingBut wait, there's more!...

Details on the next part are still a little hazy :). However, in January 2007, to coincide with the launch there will be an Alan Parsons Project reunion, featuring Woolfson, Parsons, Bairnson, Stuart Elliott, David Paton, and...? The nature of this apparent live show is still unclear, but amazing news (to me, at least as amazing as the Pink Floyd Live 8 reunion last year, albeit with a lot less previous animosity :)).

(AP and EW pics from the videoclip for Don't Answer Me)

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I always liked the Alan Parsons Project. Glad to hear they're digging deep into their archives for us.

Ian (the other one)
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