Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Clean for Illustration Friday 

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Another Moth & Tanuki frame, from the same (as yet unpublished episode) as my Illustration Friday entries for Flavour and Tea. This grey-shaded version won't see print, as I've decided to stick with a pure black-and-white screentoned version. Something I notice about these three frames is that they're all fairly jokey, when the story itself is fairly dark (for these characters, at least :)).

As I spent most of the day working on the second part of this 16 page story, Moth & Tanuki were kind of on my mind anyway.


I love the little racoon guy!
thanks for the comment on my IF entry. I love your blank word bubble idea. what a fun postcard that would make!
funny, thanks for the laugh, love the drawing!
I'd rather being eating chips and watching comics too, but am afraid I usually get stuck cleaning instead. Great IF entry! *G*
Ha. Silly raccoon. Nice work! :-)
These are such great characters! Little tanuki is absolutely adorable...certainly a whole lot friendlier than most racoons! I like the various lines that you used here...the wallpaper, her shirt, the vacuum hose. There's a great balance between the straight lines and the rounder forms of the vacuum and Tanuki. This is cute and humorous...I'd prefer to lounge, read, and snack rather than clean, so I can relate!

P.S. - Thanks so much for your feedback on my big painting. I really respect and value your comments and observations. It's kind of like a mini-critque, and I find it so helpful:> I was not completely happy with the background - I thought the texture competed with the figure too much - but the more I look at it, the more I'm okay with it! It's all a learning process!
I am in awe of your talent! This is great!!
great illo! i like the bold stripyness :)
Thanks all! I'm glad people picked up on the stripiness/tonal contrasts thing - it's central to the look of this strip. That's one reason I've passed over the greyscale version in favour of the pure black and white version (and using screentones, which are, in their own way, another form of b&wness).

Originally, I did the greyscale and b&w versions for different books, but the former was rejected, and the latter is consistent with what I've been doing in OzTAKU up until now (though I may yet change for other reasons :)).

Tanuki isn't a raccoon (though I can perfectly understand the confusion, particularly as his unstripey tail isn't visible in the pictures). He is a strange little beastie though :).
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