Thursday, November 30, 2006

Invention for Illustration Friday 

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Another relevant panel from Moth & Tanuki - upcoming black-and-white episode 4 - from the same page as the panel used for Illustration Friday "Clean" a little while ago. I would have posted this earlier in the week, but I'm really sick - finally feeling a little better today.


Nice work! And I hope you feel better!
wonderful illo, nice being able to see all that her dad tinkered with over the years. hope u continue to get well
Nice piece! Hope you're feeling better!

Very nice!! :)
If she wants to get rid, tell her I'd love to inherit some of those items :D
I'm so sorry you've been sick. Feel better!

I love this illo. It's the sort of room I could easily spend hours in, just playing...
ohh that lots of good stuff actually.

i hope you are much better now. i have been down also with i hope is not flu and i hope i am getting rid of it already.

have a nice weekend
Thanks, all!

Hartini, at least one of those items in the room is already inherited - a bit of an in-joke for people who've read some of my other comics.

The most important piece in the room (in terms of the current story) is pretty well hidden - this is from an upcoming 16 page two part epic in OzTaku.

I'm feeling a bit better, though it is dragging on a bit - this is a really bad bug, but I've been luckier than some I know have been with it. Hope you're feeling better too, Isay!
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