Friday, November 24, 2006

OzTaku 1.2 local edition! 

The local edition! Now available in the comics and magazines section of most Australian Borders bookshops and many other fine book and comic stores - fairly complete list!

Recent back issues appear to have sold out with OzTaku themselves. For new readers, I recommend trying to find the new series so far, #1.0 - #1.2. Copies of #1.1 are still available at Phase Two Comics.

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thanks. i'll post it.
Looks interesting.. don't think the Borders here'll carry it tho'... :( Do you have stuff in there?
Thanks, Isay!

TJ, yes indeed, that's my Moth & Tanuki on the cover, and they're in a 6 page (black-and-white) story inside.
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