Thursday, November 09, 2006

Smoke for Illustration Friday 

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis picture is originally from Maelstrom #2, so was drawn a long time ago.

When the Illustration Friday topic of "Smoke" came up I couldn't really think of anything, but yesterday I remembered drawing this. The original picture is large - an A3 sized original comic page on board - and the smoke was done with dots using various-sized Rotring technical pens. It's in pure black-and-white, although I had laid some dotty screentones for greys in places, and would have done on the koala at the finishing stages.

I've meddled with this picture considerably, as the original had white frame borders, thought balloons and a few bits of the tree sticking out over the smoke. The full page has Maelstrom climbing down a tree on the left of this image, and various wildlife. I think part of what I intended was a juxtapositioning of the natural world and human-invoked disaster - fairly central to the theme of the story. There's also the contradiction between the indigenous and Western elements - something that became harder to reconcile as Maelstrom went on, and one reason I eventually abandoned the project.

The cracks in this version are visible to me, but hopefully the composition and technique still hold up. Hmm, maybe I should've posted a bigger version... then again, maybe not :).


wow! at first, as the image was loading I though OMG forest fire! the poor thing's stranded!
Great smoky effect with all the little dots. Must've been very time consuming!
I agree, the smoke would have taken ages to create! Great image because of it though :)
Thanks, yeah, I had plenty of time to create in those days and it was really enjoyable to experiment with ways of representing stuff in pure black-and-white ink (so the old Bromide camera could handle it).
Nice ink drawing. Interesting works in your blog
I'm kind of relating to the koala just now. I feel like I could sleep through anything! *G* I picked up on the juxtaposition of the natural world vs. human created disasters right away. Good job!
Very compelling image. Wonderful graphic work!!
very patiently created and must be also with the original illustration! great dots ink technique on the smoke.
That is cool! I love comic book style.
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