Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moth & Tanuki Mania 3 

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The new issue of Mania magazine (#70, Mar. 2007) is out, featuring, Going Bananas, the first 4 page colour adventure for Moth & Tanuki!

This episode takes a different spin on the duo, using them to bookend what is essentially someone else's story. The timing wasn't ideal, as the great Australian banana famine ended between the time I submitted this strip and it seeing print, which wasn't that long, so hopefully it's still fresh in people's minds.

So, who would find a truckload of bananas just too tempting? I don't know if I'll reprise this character at some point (I do have a backstory in mind), but there are plenty of other bizarre adventures in store.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Moth & Tanuki short 

This is a one page version of one of the 2 page strips that appeared in the February issue of Mania. That issue is now off sale as the March one is out, so more on that soon. It's probably the last of these one pagers I'll post, though another two were nearly completed, but uncoloured (they've also been reworked as longer pieces).

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Animal album covers 6 - horses, rabbits, etc. 

Another in an ongoing series...

This is a rough roundup of some albums from 2006 that featured iconic animal artwork on the covers. I've tried to put together lists and short reviews - not everything has one, so feel free to add comments if you know the artist. (Click on pics for closeups)

The first bunch features horses (or relations) - a popular theme last year.

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  • Blood Meridian - Kick Up the Dust - country blues rock with a touch of satire
  • The Morning Ripples - Small Sips - Richly arranged accomplished debut from Melbourne alt trio
  • Missy Elliott - Respect M.E. - best of
  • Shooter Jennings - Electric Rodeo - Rocking country concept album from son of Waylon
  • The Falcon - Unicornography - well-aimed punk from Chicago ├╝bergroup
  • Sleepy Time Gorilla - Grand Opening and closing - post-rock combining experimental grooves and metal

  • Rabbits were another popular one, in a variety of forms. I particularly like that first one in the next lot - it captures both your attention and the mood of the music. There's also a few primates, some birds that I didn't find in time for the earlier post about recent bird album covers, and some other more unusual beasts, both real and imaginary.

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    Top row
  • Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours to Keep - Summery debut solo effort from Strokes guitarist
  • Hem - Rabbit Songs - orchestrated, dreamy folk-rock fronted by Sally Ellyson
  • Gyan & Leunig - Billy the Rabbit - 18 beautiful songs inspired by Leunig's poems and accompanied by a 48 page hard bound book of Leunig's words & drawings
  • The Boy Least Likely To - The Best Party Ever - Whimsical duo with wistful songs and diverse arrangements, and the videos feature puppets and animation!

  • 2nd row
  • Floyd Vincent and the Child Brides - Monkey Puzzle - Funky eclectic pop with tribal rhythms
  • The Citizens - Post Cro-Magnon Drift
  • The Matches - Decomposer - Oakland punk-rock group with anthemic, high-energy sound
  • Tony Monaco - East to West - jazz

  • 3rd row
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead - I Know I'm Not Alone EP - back from the warzones with informed political rock
  • Mammal - self-titled EP - First release from full on nu-metal formation including Ezekiel Ox
  • Jan Jelinek - Tierbeobachtungen (trans.: "animal observations") from German DJ and musician
  • Hellogoodbye - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! - Guitars, synths, banjos and whatever it takes to make catchy, lighthearted pop-rock

  • My favourite from this bunch is probably the Coda cover, featuring - for no particular reason - some imaginary sort of reptilian seacow.

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    Top row
  • Coda - Calling Mission Mu - rich mix of flowing soundscapes and solid beats
  • The Fauves - Nervous Flashlights - Brilliant young Ausband to watch featuring songwriter Andrew Cox
  • John Fahey - Sea Changes and Coelacanths: A Young Person's Guide to John Fahey - just-released 1996-1998 suite from American Primitive guitar innovator
  • ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) - Fly Between Walls - mellow Californian jammy chillout from Jack Johnson mates

    2nd row
  • An Pierl├ę & White Velvet
  • Basement Jaxx - Crazy Itch Radio - British dance duo latest inventive mish-mash
  • Dogs D'Amour - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Tyla solo album of dark gothic metal
  • Shugo Tokumaru - LST - Second from experimental Japanese guitarist/songwriter

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  • Global Village Vol 1 & 2 - World and acoustic artists from soundtrack to SBS series in 2005 & 2006
  • This Bird Has Flown - A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles Rubber Soul
  • Do It Again: a Tribute to Pet Sounds
  • Various Artists - Colours are Brighter - A collection of children's songs curated by Belle & Sebastian for Save the Children - Cool music by cool bands for kids - cool!
  • Triple J - Home & Hosed
  • Womadelaide - Sounds of the Planet 2006 - amazing roundup of artists featured at Womadelaide '06
  • Hemmesphere - Five - Summer chillout

  • I collect these cover images as I come across them, mostly by reading reviews. It's a bit like stamp collecting. I've been tempted to do posts on some other themes, but animals has been a hard one to keep up with! I don't know if I'll continue - maybe just pick a few favourites now and then.


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