Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fortune for Illustration Friday 

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Something a bit geometric. I'm not quite sure why this image popped into my head. This Illustration Friday topic doesn't speak to me in any direct way, but this does express an aspect of what I feel about it.


Wow, this is a very interesting and powerful image. I love how the bird is breaking free from what held it. I also like how the light is illuminating up the image from behind it.
Hi Ian!

Having a fortune gives man in a way the freedom to do what he wishes….. It just would depend on his actions that would either lead to enlightenment or imprisonment…….I don't know but that what I see in your illustration.
i SOOO love your style! Its so simple but it really gets to you... you are very unique :D
Very nice piece. This would have been a good one for "Phoenix!"
This makes me think of the phoenix, even though the bird isn't rising from ashes. To me, it conveys the feeling of breaking out and being free. That can come from good fortune, or it can be one's good fortune. Either way, I like this because it's cool to look at and it makes me think:>
i agree with both these women, nice work
This world has loosed a creature of fortune and gained a gaping hole as well. Always losses with gains in "fortune". I sat here and looked at this for a long while and beautiful, fascinating work is an understatement. So wow!
Hi again! are you an INFJ too? whats yours? I see your a tolkien fan so am I! i love the whole lord of the rings trilogy... he explains things so vividly so you can really picture the whole story while reading the book. :D
I see in your illustration:
Nasca figures, I dont know why!
Freedom, simplicity and light.
This is really wonderful imagery Ian. It's as if it's breaking free, flying away to seek its own fortune. This is a beautiful interpretation of the IF topic.
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