Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busker Jim 

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Something from the vaults (and also the source of my Avatar). I post this for a reason that I'll make clear in a day or two :). Busker Jim was a comic strip I did for a few years (1984-1985) in a Melbourne newspaper called The City Extra - these are a few random samples. It was a different era, and I think humour (along with a lot else) has changed dramatically since then. I used to play alto and tenor saxophone (and keyboards) back then, but I've given up music for drawing... at least for now.

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This is excellent. Would love to see more of these. I am partial to the dog. Does he have a name. I think they are funny...
Thanks, Sully! Er, the name thing... I made the mistake of giving this dog a name - the wrong name - once, but hastily took it back, so he doesn't really have one. He's an Australian terrier in a football beanie and originally started in another strip I did in High School, but was perfect for the Busker strip. Like all animal characters, he tended to take over a bit :).
it's funny! i like this a lot. i hope you'll start playing again....
these are great. very funny.
I really like the dog! ... ooh Im with sully said that too...
Id like to see more of him... he has a way of grabbing your attention...
Id suggest because he is a critter... you have more freedom with him as well..
Love Busker Jim!!!

The Tart
; *
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