Monday, July 09, 2007

Ratty Things in Mania 75! 

Also in Mania, #75 (out now) are The Ratty Things in their 5 page debut, as an extra comic (along with Moth & Tanuki - see below). I put a few panels from the original version of this story up for the topic of Run for Illustration Friday last year, but here's all of page 2, which serves as a reasonable introduction to their world.

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I like the idea of there being an underground mammalian sub-culture happening through the Ages of the Dinosaurs. I have played a bit fast and loose with some elements in this story, but I may tighten this up in future, if I do more RT stories.

Of course, they're not really rats, but some other sort of primitive mammals. Maybe they're multi-tuberculates (though they became extinct, so possibly not), but you've gotta admit "The Ratty Things" is way catchier than "The Multi-Tuberculates" :).

They're not without friends in this world though...

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The original 4 page version of this story (which has a totally different ending) was done as flip comic for Adam Gunn (of Camel Comix)'s anthro anthology - a project later abandoned. Here's a cover picture that Gunny drew of them - I reckon he captures the essence and energy of this strip, which I intended to be a bit like a Saturday morning cartoon in comic form.

I'd like to do some more Ratty Things at some point! So this month's Mania 9 pages of my stuff in it, which is more than I've had in most pure comic anthologies I've been in, and it's in colour - please consider!

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LOL Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss! How true!
I have a phobic fear of rats, but this is cute. *G*
great colors and i like the story line.
this is a cute idea. and i love that bird!
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