Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Recent Wolf and Dog album covers 

Wolves have never been more fashionable - at least if you go by CD covers! Always an interesting beast in iconic terms, the wolf is here featured on albums in a wide range of different styles. Nice to see Frazetta's work getting another outing with Wolfmother, but I particularly like the imagery on that Tongue cover.

  • Eluvium - Indecipherable Text - 2 disc set combining earlier releases of lush, ambient, soulful music by Matthew Cooper
  • The Tongue - Shock & Awe - Humorous, hook-laden, imaginative debut from Sydney MC
  • Dawn of Man - In the Bronze Age - 4 track EP from female-fronted new wave, post-punk band
  • The Cult - Born Into This - Alternative rock legends return with a powerhouse of new material
  • The Go! Team? - Proof of Youth - Second album of experimental, fast-moving pop rock
  • The Red Paintings - Feed the Wolf - Debut self-funded EP of epic, orchestral and multilayered songs
  • Wolf Mother - Joker and the Thief - CD single in typically proggy style
  • From Autumn to Ashes - Holding a Wolf by the Ears - Fourth album by the Long Island metalcore group, now a trio
  • Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals Starvation League - The Longest Meow - 11 people with eclectic instruments, 11 Bare songs, 11 hour studio party

  • Mostly dogs, but one fox in there as well.

  • Jamiroqui - LateNightTales - Excellent collection of essential historic funk and R'n'B
  • Steve Earle - Washington Square Serenade - less angry, new but vintage Earle, after 3 year break
  • Iron and Wine - The Shepherd's Dog - instrument rich Southern-gothic from sardonic singer/songwriter Sam Beam
  • Steven Isserlis and Stephen Hough - Children's Cello - well-chosen short works for cello and piano, narrated by Simon Callow
  • The Twang - Love It When I Feel Like This - Debut from bright new UK Britpop band
  • Spider and the Webs - Frozen Roses - 4 track EP of psychedelic punk from Washington trio
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    Ah, for the old days, when albums were large and had intricate artwork (Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time could never be on a CD cover!) Cute doggies!
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