Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Strings for Illustration Friday 

The themes for Illustration Friday haven't inspired me for a while, but I like this one. The picture above is a simple two frame version of something I made this week as a more complex animation in Flash.

I started with a piece of music I wrote years ago which I made into a MIDI. It originally had three parts, but I only wanted to have to animate two cats :).

There was a For a longer Flash version with sound (at this link) but the Host site can't seem to access it since the beginning of December).

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What music are they playing? or what's playing in your mind while you're doing the animation.

best regards
Oh what a sweet idea :) I love it! Cats playing guitar..amazing :) how cute is this :)
Very clever! It was a great surprise to see the illustration animated. :)
Well done! Lots of fun.
Thank you for the comment on my blog!
I also like your blog..it's full of interesting things :)
This is great! I love the animation.

I've just discovered that you're blogging again. Welcome back. :0)
oh lord, they are perfect!.
Thanks, all! I had a bit of fun doing the music, and it kind of got me started on notating some of my old pieces. Music has always been a prime distraction in my life, but this is the first time I've ever put my two main hobbies together.
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